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Weight Loss @MedSpa is finally here!

We have been getting more and more requests regarding the weight loss program. I hope we can answer all your questions on this blog. If not refer to the weight loss page and click on published articles which shows the actual study that was conducted.

Semaglutide the best weight loss injectable in the market today.

There is weight loss pill but they are daily oral meds and have many adverse side effects.

This medication work in the small intestine and brain center. Slows down the GI tract (4 hrs to process food than usual 2 hours) and gives feedback loop to the brain to stop eating.

Food cravings will be decreased and you automatically want to choose clean foods with this medication. At the medspa we work on a lifestyle change.

Remember after you get off the injectable you can go back to old habits and unhealthy eating.

If your a busy bee like myself and juggling many hats- this medication is for you. I am stuck at 160 lbs and could not loose the weight. No am 10 lbs down in one month.

Along with diet and exercise this medication does 40% of the homework for you. You need to put in the effort also.


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