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What is Glutathione? Injectable

It is the antioxidant found in the mitochondria of your cells. Going back to high school biology class- the mitochondria is the powerhouse for your cells.

At the cellular level, Glutathione is anti aging, anti cancer, skin lightener, and antioxidant.

As we age we have less and less of glutathione in our reservoir due to environmental factors, oxidative stress, toxins and stress.

At the medspa we give with IV therapy- iv push at end of your drip. Also it can be given intramuscular injection.

Studies have shown that it reduces symptoms of Parkinson's disease in the CNS. Also helps fight autoimmune inflammation within the cells. It protects the mitochondria by eliminating oxidative stress.

If your looking for foods to naturally boost glutathione they are: flaxseed, seaweed, whey and milk thistle.

One thing that negatively affects it is insomnia. So do not forget to get a good nights rest.



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