Facials & Peels 

Time for a little selfcare, one facial at a time using GreenEnvee products!

The GreenEnvee Brand and their Mission :


We believe in clean beauty, and the idea that people shouldn’t have to compromise health for beauty. Over 1300 toxic cosmetic ingredients are banned in the European Union and other countries but only 11 banned in the United States. Our Toxic 28 list is a roundup of ingredients that we will NEVER use in our products because they are linked to cancer, reproductive issues, organ toxicity, and/or severe skin irritation. We promise you will find safe, nutrient dense and antioxidant filled formulas that nourish the skin + body while maintaining your skin’s pH balance and preserving your skin’s natural beauty.

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Our signature facial is a customizable facial that caters to your skin's needs and based on your main skin concerns.

We also have three peel facials that will take your skin to the next level, you can get these once a month for optimal results.

- Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
- Floraessence Peel
- Pomegrante Peel 

With any of the facials or peels- can add on LED light therapy/Hydrojelly Masks
to further reach your skincare goals! 

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GreenEnvee products are the highest quality ingredients don’t simply come from a bottle, but instead, begin with the seed. Cultivating the finest plants depends on a keen awareness of the growth process: seed, soil, climate, expert farmers & crafters, and harvest.

Only plants meeting their stringent criteria are skillfully extracted to create the highest quality products. When you see Green Envee's label, you know you’re receiving years of commitment and dedication to creating the purest ingredients. You don’t just have their word, you have their PURITY promise.

Come wind down and relax at the spa and the Greenenvee experience!

Contact our Esthetician Arializ for more info at 386 216 3329. 
She would be happy to address any skincare concerns. 

Emerald Luxe is all about "making people feel great no matter what!".