Botox & Dermal Fillers

Botox Treatment

Treatment areas we provide with Botulism Toxin A 

Crows Feet
Dimpled Chin
Upside down Smile Lines
Bunny Lines
Lip Flip/ Gummy Smile
Masseters (TMJ) 
Forehead Lines 
Frown Lines
Marionette Lines
Hands and Underarm Sweating


Treatment areas we provide with Dermal Fillers

Dimpled Chin
Cheek Volume
Smoker Lines
Jawline Define
Aging Hands
Marionette Lines

What is the difference between Toxins and Fillers?


Neurotoxin products such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin halt the contraction of certain muscles movements on our face. Overtime if treated early, it can prevent the formation of wrinkles altogether. That is why the trend now is to get some toxin placed starting in the 20s for both men and women. Some people may be afraid of the word “neurotoxin” but be assured that when injected by a medical professional ( ARNP, PA or MD) the products are proven to be perfectly safe. Smooth wrinkle free skin helps in preserving our youthful appearance and achieve a flawless canvas.

Dermal Filler mainly composed of Hyaluronic Acid (HA)  is a natural occurring substance in the human body. Imagine our skin as a sponge and the HA as a lubricant that keeps it moist. When we are born we have tons of HA and as we age we loose it beginning in our twenties. High cheek bones, full lips, and defined jawline are all classic markes for a youthful face. While dermal fillers are great in restoring volume loss but it great for building features that you desire.

Every client is unique and here at Emerald Luxe we build customizable treatment plans for each of our clients. Book an appointment online (button top of page) or call today at 386 588 2999 for a consult on which toxin/filler is right for you.